Fan housing with extended service life

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Fan Housing fabricated from Duroxite® 100 and Mild Steel Plate. Sides cut and fabricated from 1/4 on 1/4 Duroxite® Plate. The formed back was fabricated using 3/8” thick Mild Steel with plug welded Duroxite® liners.

Wear Life:  The original Fan Housing was fabricated from a AR plate that was lasting approximately 4 months with wear throughout the entire housing, the highest wear in the formed back and bottom.

Design: After studying wear patterns and consulting with the customer over several orders the latest re‐design


Removed Mild Steel from the side structure. Sides are now made, not lined, from Duroxite® Plate.

Added side inspection door with flush wear plate on interior.

Added new formed / bolt‐on replaceable liner.


By fabricating the sides of the housing from Duroxite® and not Mild Steel lined with CCO the overall weight of the fabrication has been reduced significantly. The addition of the inspection door with a flush wear plate on the interior has given the customer and inspection port without creating a wear area. The biggest improvement to the design is the formed / bolt on replaceable liner which allows the customer to replace the highest wear zone without replacing the entire fabrication. Continuous improvements to the design has increased the wear life from 4 months to approximately 2 years.

Cliente final
Carvão e energia
Peça antidesgaste
0 – 250 °C / 32 – 480 °F
Tamanho do material processado
< 10 mm / < 0,4 "
Nova solução
Duroxite 100
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